How to deal with broken endmill in the middle of a project

In the middle of making new hold downs and broke my 1/8th endmill. How do I deal with it in the middle of a project, to be able to continue with the same project, without starting over?


Did you do a homing cycle ($H) prior to setting your home position/work zero?
Do you still have the Z-reference available?

Not sure how to do a homing cycle. I just followed directions on the screen.

To restart you need a known and available reference point

If your machine have homing switches installed and enabled, and you homed before setting your work zero then you have a X/Y reference already.

Halfway there.

You need to insert new bit and be able to re-zero Z only before you can commence.
If your Z-reference point is available still, jog the bit over and down to your Z-zero reference.

Command G92 Z0 in Machine Inspector Console window, this set a temporary Z-zero.
You can do a persistent Z-zero by commanding instead G10 P1 L20 Z0
Then re-home (command $H)

Then carve confirming “Use previous home/work zero”