How to delete a project / not all in work space shows up in simulate

First cut and I need help with 2 things

  1. I read a post on how to delete a project and it said it was available on easel but no info on how to do it. So how do you delete a project that shows up in your list. I’ve got some I don’t want and others that just say untitled.

  2. My project shows in the work space but when I simulate it some of the text and images don’t show up. I ran it anyway and sure as heck what didn’t show in the simulation didn’t get cut even though it shows in the work space… Why and how do I prevent it?

Can you share the project?
If you hover over a project, you will get a garbage bin pop up in the top right corner.

I suspect that the areas that do not simulate or carve are too small for the bit being used.

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Good point. Forgot that was a thing, im just used to it. XD