How to delete layers

At the bottom of a project page there is a drop down icon and if you click on it you add new “layers” too the project. Is there a way to delete some of those “layers” ?

If I’m following correctly… those are actually called “workpieces” although many people do use them as layers are used in some other software… and you can click the grey carrot at the top right of each one of them and delete them one at a time. there is a popup box to confirm deletion… Sometimes I wish there was a faster way to delete them in bulk.

Thank you, Seth. Another quick question. I am making a cribbage board and using a 1/8" bit bit for the holes.The bit is the one you directed me to on Amazon. This bit is great and use them a lot. However, when I start to drilling the holes the bit drills and burns it’s way throw the wood. Gets to be a little smokey in the garage after a while. :)) I am using 1/2" Baltic birch plywood. I can use this same bit for the whole project and no burning. It burns only for peg holes. Settings are 90 speed, 18 plunge and 0.400 depth. DeWalt 611 speed is set to1. The holes start to burn from the get -go. Ideas???

well, personally, I would use a smaller bit and make the holes circles and pocket them out, like a 2mm bit…

*A upcut will clear chips better, but might chip the top edge, and a downcut would preserve the top edge and not chip it, but might cause more chip buildup in the bottom, so good dust collection is recommended when using downcut in a tight pocket like this.

OR use a much smaller depth per pass on the drilling operation, but this is going to result in an even longer carve time… Also, IF the router is not at it’s lowest rpm setting I would set it to the slowest it will go for that plunging portion.

IF you had a true spindle with low speed capabilities I would suggest a drill bit and 750-1500RPM for the spindle speed, but I’m guessing that you are using a router that won’t spin at the slower speeds needed to run a drill bit.

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