How to design and cut a border around edge of fonts in Easel?

Actually three questions:
1 How to design a border around the edge of a design in Easel? Example: simple sign with fonts and a border.

2 How to cut away all of the board except the fonts?

3 Combining the above; How to make a simple sign with fonts and a border with everything cut except the fonts and border?

Thank you!


Iā€™m not sure i fully understand however I think what your looking for is to create a board around some text with follows the outside edge of the text.

I do this by creating the text and then using the offsetter tool. If you want many layers at different depths you may have to copy this a number of times to get the look you want.

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Thank you, I guess my questions are not very understandable.
1 How do you make a border around the edge of a board? A simple line, adjustable in width to line up near edges of a the board? Would be 4-sided on a 4-sided board.

2 How to cut away ALL the material and leave the letters raised? (letters uncut)

3 How to making the border line also uncut as in #2 above?

Thank you.

Step one make a square cut outline depth to material depth.
Step 2 make another square same size set to fill and the depth should be as tall as you want your text. send to back
Step 3 add text set to fill and put depth to 0.
Align all the pieces

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