How to determine smallest bit required?


How do I determine the smallest bit required to get full detail of my project in Easel?

This article says that any un-carvable areas will be shown in red:

But my Easel doesn’t seem to do this. Has this changed?

All I get is a lack of detail on the preview pane when using a large bit (1/8):

Which improves with a smaller bit (1/32):

In this instance it is easy enough to see but not always. Is there any way of knowing you are getting 100% of the design from a given bit?

I don’t want to use a smaller bit than necessary (and therefore take more time!

I suspect that with the newly installed detailed preview they dropped the red highlighting.

@MarkA.Bachman is correct. since the advent of the “Detailed Preview” there is no longer a red line indicator for areas that the bit will not carve… you simply see gaps in the preview where the bit will not pass. This was discussed for a quick second in the Beta group a few days prior to PRO being introduced to the public.

OK. Good to know that it’s expected behaviour BUT I still think the red lines or some form of alert is really valuable as its much quicker and more reliable to spot a problem this way then checking the entire preview over in detail - especially on a a large and delicate design.

Is there a process for submitting this feedback into the loop for consideration in ongoing development?

You mention it being discussed prior to PRO being released. Is the behaviour the same in the PRO version or did you mean this feature has moved to the PRO version?

The feature of Red highlighting the areas that will not carve (due to bit size) is no longer in Pro or the Free version. I suspect it has been removed completely due to the required processing time/power that the detailed preview requires.

I understand the ease and “instant alert” that red lines offer the casual user, however I’d recommend always checking the Preview for errors and check the tool paths while your at it. This applies to whatever software you are using… wether you pay for the software or it is free…ESPECIALLY if it is free…

@RobertCanning once said “if the preview looks off, then something probably is.”…