How to do a cutout?

I am not sure how to do a cutout without damaging the piece, as soon as it is cut out, it moves and hits the bit. Luckily my first try was “fixable” but how can you secure it so it doesn’t take a bite? I did an inside cut and it wasn’t a problem, I didn’t need the stars (this time anyway)

Obviously, I am extremely new to this, thank you for any help!

Hey @PhilBrumley,
I’m happy to help a fellow Browns fan.
There are two main ways to solve that problem. One is to use tabs which will hold your work to the main stock. You’ll have to cut them off when the carve is done with whatever tool you have available.
The other way would be to ditch the clamps and use CA glue (superglue) and masking tape to hold down the workpiece.

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Thank you!