How to draw rather than cut?

I use Fusion 360. It’s free for personal use and once you get in the swing of it, it’s quite intuitive and easy to use. There are lots of youTube videos out there to learn from. I watch a lot of Lars Christensen’s stuff because he explains things very well.
I’ve attached a couple of STL files which you can load into your 3D printer software. If you’ve not got the time for Fusion360 yet and want a change to the design then just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.
Cap.stl (1.0 MB)
Tube.stl (671.0 KB)

Thank you very much for those files! I appreciate it!
Regarding Fusion 360, I searched and searched their website and while I have frequently seen mention of it being free for home use or for businesses under 100k, I couldn’t for the life of me find any way to get it free on their website. Somewhere, I saw it mentioned that they don’t do that anymore. If someone has any info/specifics on how to get a free version that would be a big help. Thank you!!

Try this link

They’ve changed the licencing a little but there is still a version available for personal use.

We need to let you know about two new subscription types, Fusion 360 for personal use and Fusion 360 for startups.

This does not impact your free access to Fusion 360. However, at the end of your existing term, in order to continue your use of Fusion 360, you’ll need to choose one of the three subscription types below:

Fusion 360 for personal use - Limited functionality for non-commercial, personal use only. For more information go here

Fusion 360 for startup use- Includes all existing Fusion 360 capabilitiesfor the design and manufacture of new or innovative products. Approval is required. For more information go here

Fusion 360 commercial - Includes access to all current and future capabilities. For more information go here