How to fix this image?

So I’m still practicing and learning. I’m using a .o3125 up cut. Is there any other bits or technique I can do, that will make this nicer and not cut out the numbers or glove?

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It was a .png and did image trace on easel. Would an svg file turn out better?

When I get a chance I can clean it up using V-carve

I appreciate all the help guys!! I def wanna get better at this. I know it’ll take time. Also thanks again Phil. I understand what relief cuts are, but what’s An island? Also you can do relief cuts in easel?

That wood is luan? That wood is almost never going to look good. It chips way too easy.

yeah i just wanted something very cheap to try out before i spent some money and screw up. Thanks everyone I’m gonna try inkscape and f-engrave

The graphic is very low resolution for using any automatic solution.
You would have to hand create all the paths using the graphic as a guide.
Doing it that way will give you very nice results.
inkscape is free

My 2 min crack at it.
it has 2 layers

look around your neighborhood you can usually find old book shelves and things made out of pressed wood. Sometimes with them is MDF backboard or other useful bits.

I also have wood here that is sometimes thrown away.

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would the 1/8" 20deg-V bit do a better job w/ a depth of .0625?
and maybe avoid those tear-outs on the 9 and 6 by using the v-bit
specially on 1/4" mdf

@SeanNaylor, dont be disheartened by a few not so good first attempts, yours look alot better than mine did, Mine went into the woodstove before the engraving bit even cooled down from the cutting.
You are making good progress in the learning curve of this hobby Keep posting and as much as we can, we’ll keep helping.

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Is this what your looking for. Granted this was done on V-Carve but I used a 60 dgree vbit and then cleaned up with .0625.

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Thanks for helping out Phil.
You certainly have more time and talent on your hands with wood. :wink:

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boy, you found out like I did the substrate is glued very well. You have to go to a cabinet grade or a better quality ply. What am I telling you for. You now it to. Good luck in all future projects. oh the stuff (plywood) is greaat than Inventable sell I just finished a dog for my friends wife.