How to get a single path cut through?

Hey gang,

What’s the trick to cutting out a shape on the line without making multiple paths?

Here you can see two blue lines.

Here’s what I get under cut settings,

On Path: cuts in two paths
Outline: cuts in two wider paths
Inside: creates a red line that won’t cut
Outside: creates red line that won’t cut
Fill: seems to be a possibility, but does not have tabs

All I want to do is cut through the outside of the California shape on one path instead of two paths. Thanks for any insight!

To me, it looks like Easel is treating the California outline as a shape/rectangle and not as one big shape which is why you see the two lines. You’d want a filled in state shape and then set that to outline cut.

Thanks guys, that really helped me understand how it works.

I filled in the image with a solid color and then uploaded it to the image trace. This time it traces/outlines it perfectly.

Thanks again!