How to get Accurate starting points

Soooo up until now I’ve been using over sized pieces and trimming them down. I haven’t noticed any serious issues with centering but I just did a pre cut circle and it’s about an inch off center! Not just a little! To find the starting point I used a small t square to find the corner and thought it was pretty close!

This is what you need.

You ll never look back.


Looks cool. Fortunately I was able to swap the bit to a straight cutter and recut the circle all the way through. Had to sacrifice my waste board (usually use a separate sacrifice piece) but it all worked out.

Upvote for the Triquetra. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you carved before without it.

Are you just trying to find the center of a circle?
Should be the midpoint of a line drawn perpendicular to a chord through the chord’s midpoint.
Or try one of these methods: