How to get gcode to repeat then return to zero

Does anyone know how to do that? Set up your G-Code to repeat the cut twice, and then when it’s done Return to Zero?

I suppose since g code is a text file you can edit it, but since I have never edited the gcode directly, I’m uncertain where you would start copy and where you would paste at.

Though, why do you want your spindle cutting air on the second pass?

You will have to edit the G-code file to do that.
Assuming your using Easel.
There may be an application that can do that but I have never seen it.
If its a simple cut I can edit it for you to do what you want.

If you are using v-carve, simply make a second toolpath the same as the first and save them together. I do this all of the time for v-carve toolpaths.

Sorry everyone, I use fengrave.

Thanks man! I think its a simple cut, 4 words 2 small arrows - whole peice is roughly 9x9 inches. Until I learn how to do this myself Id much appreciate the help. Let me try to learn how to share yhe file.

Copy paste in notepad.

The carve is 7 minutes long, too short to go do anything else. Als, I intend to make a buch of these, so yeah - I just dont want to.

Is this an idea, or have you already tested. Either way thanks, simple enough to try.

How about the return to zero part of my question - anyone? Again I intend on making many of these so return to zero would be great for rapid reproduction. Thanks everyone.

What you are trying to do is actually very easy to do by simply editing the g-code in a text editor. learn what the commands are doing at the beginning and end of the file…it would take just a few seconds to copy and paste to what you are wanting.

Good call, thanks man

Maybe a dumb question but why would I run the same v carve tool path twice in a row on the same work piece?

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I do it all the time, the second pass cleans up any fuzz that is left after the first pass. It really produces a much cleaner cut.


Same when I cut 1/16" acrylics, first carve do the cutout (usually in 3 passes with V-bit, with incremental step down)
Then I run the same code, one pass with full depth which clean up the fuzzies very well. During 1st stage the fuzzies are warm and dont separate very well/cleanly. The 2nd pass shave cold material removing them efficiently :slight_smile:


In F-Engrave you can use the “Multipass Cutting” settings to effectively repeat the cut by setting the “Finish pass Stock” to something very small (.0001in or .002mm).

If you set the max depth per pass to a depth (negative number) deeper than your deepest cut the first pass will go to the full depth (minus the very small number entered above).

If you are doing multipass cutting for the v-carving the machine would effectively only repeat the maximum depth (which is what you would want).

(Edit: if you use a small enough number for the finish pass (e.g. .00001in) the last two passes are identical.)

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Thanks you. I’ll gove this a try!