How to get single line fonts?

How do I get single line fonts in Easel? Is there a place to download a bunch from? Do I need to use Inkscape or Illustrator?

I want to do an engraving project with my middle school students (95 different engravings) so I need them to be quick (no filling or going back to retrace and thicken lines). Thanks!

I would use Inkscape and Hershey text, that being said there a few quirks you need to know

Enter your Hershey text (if you need spaces use a minus symbol and delete them in Easel after you import it) do object to path and then break apart and save

You may need to restart Inkscape after every file save

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Is there a way to make single line designs…not just text?

Any thing you draw in Inkscape starts out as a single line and will stay that way useless you want it to be something else.

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