How to get started

Are there any specific instructions how to get started with the x-carve?

Software and Firmware Overview
Milling is a little more interactive than just sending a job to a printer. After the hours put into modeling, the model files are converted into what’s called G-code by CAM software. Then, the G-code is sent to the mill by some machine control software (in our case, universal G-code sender). The mill itself runs firmware which can interpret what the machine control software is saying and in turn, drives the stepper motors to move the mill. Whew.

The solid modeling, design work, and CAM software are not in the scope of this hookup guide, and from here on it is assumed that you have some gcode from somewhere.

I think easiest beginning step is Easel. It’s free user interface, you can draw, prepare and send directly to xcarve. You can find instruction on support site. When you master carving, you can start jumping into more complex ways. Easel will train you how to properly align your machine very well.

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