How to get z-probe working again on arduino after installing grbl 1.1f?

I have an original x-carve, and the z-probe has worked fine for a long time. I think I was running grbl 0.9, but don’t know for sure. The arduino died, so I replaced it and flashed, of course I used the latest.
Now the z-probe doesn’t work at all, the machine inspector machine shows it always as “in contact” no matter what I do, I’ve checked for proper connection and shorts. Again, this worked on the old arduino with the older grbl.
I see a lot of references to grbl 1.0c having changed something, and that pin A5 (where my probe is connected) only being available in grbl 0.9, but the 1.1 grbl pinout still shows A5 for probing.
I suspect that I’ll have to change the grbl config and rebuild/flash it, but I have been looking for quite awhile now and can’t find any clear or definitive answers as to what has to change.

I see people that say they have it working with the arduino, but no answers.
I’d like to upgrade to an x-controller for the extra motor driver alone, and that would solve this issue too, but given that I haven’t used it in the last couple of years, it seems silly to throw $320 at it just to fix the z-probe.


Maybe check your $6 it should be 0 I think.
If it is 0 then try 1.

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Thanks, I should have mentioned that it was zero after flashing, and I already tried 1 as well. Neither works.

Oh, and I should clarify something, when I say that z-probing worked, I don’t mean that it worked in easel, but it worked with other software, and the Machine Inspector in Easel properly indicated whether or not the z-probe were in contact or not.
Now Machine Inspector always things that the probes are in contact, and nothing I do changes that.


Sounds like a wiring issue. Can you triple check your connections?

I’ve checked them many many times now :grinning:
It literally went from working to not working in 30 minutes or less, the only thing that changed was that I had to replace the arduino, which I flashed with 1.1f.

A5? Or A4? Your initial post mentioned both.
Got a multimeter? Can you check continuity between the probe plate and the clip?

The A4 was a typo, I’ve edited my original post.
I checked the continuity again, zero resistance when the clip and plate are touching. Interestingly, there is not-quite zero resistance, but still connectivity between pin A5 and ground with everything unplugged. That probably has something to do with it, but I don’t know if that is as a result of the change in grbl or something else.

I have another new, never used arduino, I’ll try that tomorrow, although I guess I’d be surprised if it made a difference.

I’m still trying to understand exactly what changed in grbl between 0.9.c and 1.1.f, it seems clear that something changed, but I haven’t found any specifics.

That’s your problem. What’s your $6 value now?
You should have it set at 0.

A lot changed. Specifically the status reporting that easel uses.

Either run through machine setup again or use a different software to check it.

@JustinBusby Any idea what the 115 is doing? Grbl only defines 0,1 & 2 since v1.1

I didn’t state it authoritatively because I honestly don’t know what Easel uses for v1.1 but I know historically that was a concern.

The overall point of my reply was obviously missed so let me restate the point clearly (and I’ll edit the post):

Re-run machine setup or use a different piece of software.

I have rerun the machine setup, and I’m checking the probe state in machine inspector, so not sure what another piece of software will do for me, but I’ll try a different g-code sender later tonight, in addition to trying a different arduino.

$6 is zero, although I’ve also tried 1.
$10 is 115.

I’d like to try flashing with older grbl versions, but so far I haven’t been able to find v0.9c or earlier. I did find a 0.9j hex file.
Anyone have an older version or a link?


Nothing changed from 0.9 to 1.1 that affects probing. If your arduino is not connected to the gshield, are you still seeing that A5 is grounded? How did you flash 1.1? Where did you get the file?
@JustinBusby I don’t think anyone missed the point of your reply. I’ve always been curious about that $10=115

115 in v1.0c and earlier made the status be very verbose and that is how Easel was able to implement probing when the Xcontroller started being the default. It does appear that GRBL v1.1 changed how that setting works but it probably is not affecting Easel doing its thing anymore.

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OK, well, it turns out that there was a reason that arduino board had been in my pile of x-carve parts for a few years :grinning:
It has some sort of damage, I swapped the board for a brand new one, flashed it, and copied all my settings, and everything is working now.

Thanks for the ideas folks.


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