How to import fusion 360 file into Easel


  1. I have this 3d relief of a man’s portrait that I made using an addon in Fusion 360 and I want to sent that file into Easel.
    I am not sure how to save the file to be able to open it inside Easel.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Also if you guys have a better way / software of creating a 3D carving of a man’s portrait from an imported photo that would be great. I am using image 2 surface ad-in to make it and I also heard that Aspire can do it but it is very expensive.


1 - You need to enter Fusion360 CAM-module (called Manufacturing) and set up the toolpath etc there, then export the gcode which you then can import into Easel.

Easel can not open a Fusion360 design file (CAD-file) but it will read/accept the Fusion360 generated gcode. It will not be editable in Easel.

You’ll need the appropriate Easel Post Processor installed into Fusion, you’ll find the PP download under Easel -> Help -> Download

Easel creates the toolpaths for you, but in Fusion you need to specify them. Try with the 3d carving options where @HaldorLonningdal is commenting (manufacturing). There is a lot of settings, but most of them are self explanatory. Keep in mind:

  1. Create your toolholder / bit, size, length, default speeds
  2. You may want to add a small extra to the bottom of the stock, if you are used to over cut in easel to prevent not going all thru the material
  3. Find how to limit the depth of cut, this is in the cut settings itself, not as global settings
  4. Experiment with ramp, lead in and outs

At the end, you export something called NC Program, which is what you import as gcode to Easel.