How to import inventor to fusion to xcarve

after a lot of frustration and not finding any resources on how to do this … i bet that someone will read this and link a few hundred links to my question… thx btw.

i am pretty good with inventor so i am very reluctant to change the way i create models.
fusion on the other hand is very new to me. i am having a lot of errors come up when i generate gcode… if any code comes up at all.

i know there has to be tool paths … .offsets… and clearences, but i have yet to figure them out in fusion 360.

is there anyone out there in the universe that can stop me from regretting this purchase? any step by step instructions to set up tool clearences/paths and things in fusion
here is my very basic model…

any help will be greatly appreciated

So if I understand correctly you didn’t do anything in the CAM section?
Indeed you have to work out the CAM before it spits out anything useful.

It doesn’t matter what software you use to make the model. If it loads correctly in Fusion, (which it does) than you’re fine.
Looking at your model you might use a simple 2D contour to mill the outline of the part.

Watch: or even better: Perfect explanation on the basics of CAM. Then have a go at fiddling with your setup and always look at the simulations after you change the tool paths.

How could I forget?! Have a look at the channel of NYC CNC:

dude… ur da best… thank you very much. it finally spit out gcode

thx again


isn’t this only a trial?

right on… . thx alot… will look into it