How to import other icons?

Easel has several icons one can use in design but I am in need of a greater variety. Any recommendations for available icons at other sites I could simply slide into my designs? I am certainly not a programmer so looking for something easy please??

You can Google silhouettes and save them and import them into your work. You can ussually find about anything you might want.

Easel app - Image Converter is one way
Another is to use 3rd party software to convert bitmap to SVG, Inkscape is good for that.

Similar to how Apple/Samsung/Google continually add emojis to their phone OS with updates, Iā€™d like to see Inventables add additional icons to the icon pallet. With all the user-submitted projects to glean inspiration from, surely they could create a bunch of new ones.

Better yet, allow the user community to submit new icons for use by all.