How to level the x-carve machine?

I have access to an X-carve machine located at a makerspace community.

Carving wooden signs and have noticed the depth of cut is way off from the right to left side. I would guess the depth changes about 1/8" or more from one end to other, talking left to right here. Deeper cut on the left side and shallower on the right side. There is no user manual for this machine and would like to make proper adjustments to correct this problem.

I do own a variety of measuring tools, inside and outside micrometers etc so no problem with measuring. So, where and how do I adjust the machine?

Thank you.

  • Install waste board, if you intend to keep original waste board untouched install a sacrificial board on top of that
  • Perform a “skim cut” of the 2nd layer, only go as deep as required for the entire surface to be carved. Also use a large bit to reduce carve time.
    This process ensure that the Z axis is truly parallell to the X/Y plane which is what you want.