How to load GRBL

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I bought a mini CNC router with an engraving range of 160mm x 150mm x 45mm, I am really battling to get it lined up to cut where i need it to cut for example, in the middle, so playing around with it (still not right) I got it to engrave but the image is “mirrored”, I have no idea how to load the right GRBL file because it is a HEX file but when your program started working I thought I have it right, but no. Please can you give some advise, I tried to follow and it helped alot but just now for the finer detail.

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If it moves but mirrored grbl is ok, the direction and other settings may be wrong. You can swap two motor wires on the X axis or use the grbl settings.

search for configuring grbl and read it carefully

There are instructions available on how to Flash an Arduino with GRBL on the project’s wiki:

GRBL team hex files:
Inventables hex files:

Hi Guys

Thank you. GRBL is loaded, I try to configure but it seems like it wants to cut larger and off center to where I position it on EASEL, on some things I carve out, it loses track and starts cutting at a different point. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Any help will be much appreciated.


Re tighten and calibrate

Loose belts or tight nut on your z axis

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