How to make letters pop out instead of being recessed?

Yeah. I’m a newb and feel dumb asking this question, but I have yet to find the how-to’s online.

How can I make letters “pop-out” instead of being recessed? I have played around with letters in Easel and Inkscape.

If you can point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.

You can accomplish this by setting the cut depth for the text to zero then putting a box around them with a desired cut depth for the box.


Haha. Thank you RussellCrawford for the example!


Sounds simple. Thanks for the assist!

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@Jessica. Not sure if you have seen my videos but they are designed for newbies. Have fun. Here is a link to get you going


Lol. I actually did watch one of your videos before you commented. It was really good.

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@Jessica. That awesome! I hope the videos are helping you

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Paw Paws videos are great! But I will offer you another option. If you use VCarve to design, they have great step by videos on how to use the software to create items/signs. In fact, I have seen a few of them on etsty. If you are not using it, the videos may offer some useful insight.

I saw this thead and I was very interested in seeing how Paw Paw did it. However I though I would have a go and tried it myself. I did exactly the same as Paw Paw id in the video and started some random letters using the RYE font. However when I clicked on the font to remove the inner parts it would not work it just highlighted the whole letter. Can anyone advise me what I am doing wrong. I do have Easel Pro.