How to make multiple pockets in a food tray

Hey everyone. I’m looking to make just a tree with multiple pockets for putting food in it. I have a tree with single line. I’m just wondering how to make the tree double line and add pockets. Also how would I do odd shape items in the future?


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Is the tree an SVG file?

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no I just did image trace on this.

In Easel, try the Offsetter App. Using an Inset of say 1/2", you can pocket the inside vector for your dish.

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Totally the way to go. Here is a gif of how I did it from the link you posted.

In words: click the tree, go to “Apps”, click “Offsetter”, click “Inwards” and set the iterations / distance.


Wow you guys are fantastic @PhilJohnson @paulkaplan!!! I will def do this tonight. I was gonna make it into four different selections and have a little circle in the middle for dip!! I do know my tree will have to bigger. Thank you for the gif too!!!

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No problem, glad that helps. I’d love to make things like this easier to “discover” in Easel.


This is a great how-to for trays!


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Oh wow this is awesome!! I work all weekend, but I can’t wait to do this!! I’ll def post the file after and see what everyone thinks and what I could fix. That tutorial looks informative!


no lie, I couldn’t sleep without trying.

I think I made this correctly. I put even a little dip dish in the middle. Anything I can fix would be greatly appreciated.


So I came home and ran it. ( I touched the image and it moved it slightly, so I gotta fix that too)

Here’s the product but things I think I need to fix

  1. not use the draw tool to draw boarders because it’s to thin and won’t let me change, so use rectangle
  2. put dividers at 0" depth
  3. add a second circle as off setter app and hit fill so it’ll make a tiny bowl??

Also how do I get this to cut out of the board. I took it on the outside boarder to depth of whole board, but did not cut all the way through. So I need another layer?

So what do you think of these changes I wanna make?

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I purchased the bowl bit from Whiteside, .75 cutting diameter. After my job finished, the bottom wasn’t smooth. How can I get a smooth bottom?

In Easel my cut settings are Feed Rate 30 inches per minute, Plunge Rate 9 inches per minute and Depth per pass .08 inches.

My machine is the XCarve 1000x1000 with a DeWalt 611

I’m cutting clear pine.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Thanks for the information.

I just have one question.

“Go to cut settings and change your depth per pass to full depth.”

Is the depth per pass the same as the depth of the initial cut? Example if I was cutting an 1/2" deep bowl from a 3/4" piece of wood. My “depth per pass to full depth” would be 1/2"?

Thanks again,

Thanks Phil!
I owe you one


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