How to make plyo box in Easel

I’m sorry but i am very new and trying to make a Crossfit style plyo box. I hame made a few other things but this one needs exact measurements and i cannot get them perfect on easel becasue there is no measuring tool.
Here is the link to what i want to build… Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Easel has a box generator app.

Thanks. It wont go that big though

Hmmm, didn’t know that.
Next easiest options:
You can always model one in Fusion 360.
There’s a box generator extension available for Inkscape.
Or there are several online box generators like

In Easel - not sexy but might do the trick:

  • You can make one larger shape using several rectangles, centered on top of eachother - combine and subtract as need be
  • You can draw single line paths and set their respective length plus input their X/Y coordinates and in that way build a complex shape

Let’s say your using 1/2 inch ply. Tell the box generator you’re using 1/8 inch ply and model your box 1/4 the size you want it. The box generator will create the sides and then your can scale everything 4 to 1.

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