How to make SYMMETRY?

I am making this sign and I LOVE the RIGHT SIDE, how can I get the left side to match. So frustrating?!

Sorry, this has not been shared publicly. Go to file, share and click on the share publicly.

Thank you - I shared the link now, hopefully it will open!

@Krystal here is how to do it. The last workpiece is ready to carve.

OOOps, I deleted the project. I did another one for you. I also put in notes in each of the workpieces so you can see what I did so you will be able to learn how I did the project.

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YOU are so amazing!! Thank you so much!!
Okay, one more question!! How to I carve this part, so it does not go all the way through, but I can add this worn look?

You can use the line tool image in Easel to draw the shapes. Then you can edit the nodes by selecting the image and hitting the E key on your keyboard and the edit nodes tab will open up image
Select on the node you want to edit and and get the shape that you want.
Now if you use InkScape or another drawing program you can create the shapes in the program

I hope you understand that



Thanks but will Krystal understand? :man_shrugging:t2:

I think she will. If she has questions, I know that she will ask and that is a good thing. It is how we all learn.

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You are amazing!!

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