How to make the first cut very shallow?

I’m using Fusion360 CAM to generate gcode to cut aluminium on my X-Carve.
I’m working on multiple depths of 0.1mm which seems to work OK but I want the first few cuts to be shallower than that.
Due to the variation in the thickness of the aluminium I’d like the first few passes to be say 0.05mm and then increase to 0.1mm for the rest of the job

Is this possible to configure in Fusion360?

Create a duplicate toolpath that you’ll move ahead of your original.
Set your Bottom Height for 1mm (or whatever) below the Top Height
Change the Depth per Pass to .05mm

In the original CAM operation, drop your Top Height

Aha! Very cunning. Thanks. I’ll give that a go.

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Later you can try 2D Adaptive clearing tool path strategy which depending on machine rigidity can allow deeper depth per pass.
If your machine allows it (rigid enough) you will increase tool life because you’ll use more of the cutting edge vs the tip only (0.1mm)

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You can also use a 2D Face pass set to 0.05mm (stock top offset say 0.4mm) and once cleared it can continue with the 2nd tool path for the 0.1depth per pass.

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I use RhinoCAM, but that program allows for a roughing/finishing strategy within the same toolpath. Usually you would rough aggressive and finish conservatively. But what I would do is ‘rough’ the first few passes with the very conservative numbers, and then ‘finish’ using your regular aluminium settings.

Maybe Fusion has this option too?

It does, you can specify a “rest to leave” and a select a finishing pass within the same tool path.