How to make wegies

I am trying to make wedgie’s for segmented jig. Any body out there try this?

Open Easel and create a new project. Click on the Shapes Icon and select Triangle. Next click the Shape tab of the shape control and you will see the width and height setting. By selecting the width and height correctly, you can control the angle at the top of the triangle.

Let’s say that you want to make 7 segments that make a complete circle and you want the outside edge of each wedge to be 3 inches long. You would set the width to 3 inches, and you would compute the height as follows

L=3 (length along the bottom of the wedge)
S=7 (seven wedges)

Then find the height of the triangle with

H = L / 2 * TAN( 90 - 180 / S )

which gives you 3.11478209

You need to make sure your calculator is set for degrees.


Thank you for answering i am not that good with geometry.