How to make xcarve select a 1/8th mill to cut out the shape

how can i make my xcarve select the 1/8th mill to cut out the shape when using 2 different size milling cutters.
i need the 1/16th mill to cut some of the detail work after the 1/8th mill has carved out the bulk of the project.
Then I want to cut out the actual shape but it keeps selecting the 1/16th mill and this then increases the total time

I have the cutout operation as a separate workpiece after I do the two-stage rough + detail carve on the first workpiece.

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Hi Kimberley
thanks for the quick reply
You can probably guess I’m new to CNC work, I’m not quite sure what you mean by having a separate workpiece.
I just have one board and using 2 different size mills but I want the 1/8th mill to cut out the shape but I cant make it use that it just goes to the 1/16th mil and this is making it take a long time to carve.

At the bottom of the screen, there is an area to add a workpiece. That way you can keep all your Easel files related to one project in the same Easel “file”.

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Hi, I have opened up a 2nd workpiece by clicking on the plus sign, then I went back to the original draw cut the boarder then pasted it into the 2nd workpiece. So now I cut the drawing on workpiece 1 and when that’s finished click on workpiece 2 to cut the boarder to release the project out of the board. Have I got that right. Also do the 2 drawings line up ok .
Sorry for the long post and thanks for the advise

I actually usually do my design in one workpiece, then I use the “duplicate” function to make a copy. Then I delete the outline from one workpiece, and the design from the other. That way I know they are all lined up correctly.


Hi, this seems a better way than copying and pasting, thanks for the tip