How to move a group of components

Example I have a file with a number of groups of flowers.
Each flower is made up of a group of components, I want to move one flower without affecting the others. Cannot use select all as it will select all the flowers.
Not my first dumb question buuuut…

Did you try to copy and paste?

@WayneHall, That works for files that are combined, but not so much if the file is made up of a number of parts & I only want to move one of the flowers in a field of flowers.

You just can’t highlight what you want to move and copy and paste that?

If that would work it would be great, (embarrassingly) I do not know how to highlight anything in easel,

Just right click and surround what you want to copy.

So much to learn, so little time.
Thank you so much, super easy. Computers used to be a strength o mine but in the 1990’s before windows, then I did not keep up so thank you again.

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