How to move workpieces

I am looking to rearrange the workpieces order and can’t seem to find a way to do it.
It should be a simple grab and drag operation but nothing seems to work.
Am I the only one that wants to perform operations in order?
Thanks for any help.

Don’t use Easel much, but I seem to recall I had to use some creative duplicating and deleting.

@RickChapman You can not rearrange the workpieces. The only work around is to copy and paste and delete the various workpieces to get the arrangement that you want.

Along with arranging to your liking, I would suggest renaming each work-piece to be descriptive of its purpose. The “Notes” section is also very handy for storing any specific information regarding that work-piece as well. To get to these options, click on the caron (upside-down “circumflex”).




Brandon Parker

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Brandon, great tip as that is what I am presently doing.
It ends up with the work pieces numbered but not in order.
Guess I will have to do the duplicate game to get in order.
Just a tip for Inventables that a drag and drop would surely be a nice add-on.
Thanks for the help.

Thanks Phil. Looks like that is what I will need to do. Its nice to keep the tool selections in order of operations to avoid a tool change each time.

Thanks Neil!

Agreed… I would even settle for menu items on that drop-down list that say “Move Up” and “Move Down” … or any other wording that they choose. Technically it is not a huge undertaking to accomplish such a thing since they can already add new work-pieces at the end even if they had to do some internal shuffling.


Brandon Parker

agree. I wish it just had a “finish this area” like Fusion does unit it goes off for a while and gets distracted. It’s like a teenager who keeps seeing something else to distract him, just runs off leaving areas unfinished. It eventually gets back to it, but a lot of motion that doesn’t need to happen…

Hi folks,

You can now rearrange your workpieces by clicking and dragging. Enjoy!