How to move XYZ without being in carve

On the X-Carve 1000 using Easel Is there anyway to move the spindle to X,Y or Z without being in the carve mode or doing it manually? Let’s say that my last carve went to home and I need to move it up on Z to take off my dust remover. Without doing a new set up in the machine drop down again or going to carve, I can’t find anything that references how to do it. Is there a way?

You have to hit carve and then you can move the cnc. You should never move the cnc manually

Thanks… that’s what I thought couldn’t find any other way to do it except set up the machine again.

Many people have asked for the control to be outside of the Carve section but that has never happened. If you move the x and y axis a specific amount do what you need to do and then move back that same specific amount you do not have to reset x and y.