How to pause to allow a manual toolchange?

Using Fusion 360 and UGS I would like to add a pause and return to G28 part way through a job to allow a manual tool change. I’m currently achieving this by creating a job for each tool but it would be much nicer to build in tool changes in a single job.
Is this possible?

I run a separate file for each tool because the Z axis needs to be homed after changing tools.

Yes, much what I do now. The file completes and returns to G28 where I change the tool, set Z with the probe and then set it on its way with the next file. I was just wondering if there was a slicker way of doing this.

Not sure GRBL support tool change automaticly.

The path of least resistance is what Chris suggest, its also what I do myself.
Run first program, return to G28 if selected, change tool, reset Z and load 2nd program.

You could insert a G28 and dwell command (or press pause?) manually in the gcode, but it isnt very slick :wink:
Not sure you could reset Z during this pause though.

Mach3 and ATC may be in your future :wink: