How to put the bit

Please guide me on

as it is in the picture in the bits table
where the information is
JERRAY CNC Carving 4.82 Deg Tapered Angle Ball Tip Radius=0.5mm X 1/4" Shank Tungsten Solid Carbide HRC55 with TiAIN Coated Router Bits

I need enough information to be able to use bit

Easel does not natively support Tapered Ball Bits.
By design Tapered Ball Bits are intended for 3d relief carving, which Easel does not generate toolpaths/gcode for.

However, IF you want to use it to Engrave you could enter it as a Endmill using the tip diameter.
BUT you’d want to use an engraving depth equal to the radius of the tip AND IF your material is not perfectly parallel to the spindle plane in the XY (often mis-referred to as “level”) OR IF the carve depth is set Shallower or Deeper than the tip radius THEN the engraving width will vary and this COULD result in a carve that is not desirable (missing details that are uncarved or blown out details that have been carved away)

Side Note unrelated to the bit issue: It says “you have Easel Pro” but it also has a next renewal date in the PAST ?? Mine shows only a FUTURE renewal date. Very Odd

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