How to remove a portion of a closed object to make it open?

I have a fully closed shape. How can I edit an area of it to remove a particular segment, thus making it an open shape? Trying to do this as I will be cutting the shape out, but want to clamp on the segment I would be removing.

Welcome to the forum, is this what you are trying to do?

Yes. I have a design, but it is fully enclosed. I want to erase the straight edge from it because that would be the edge of the work piece. If I can remove the straight edge at bottom, I can easily clamp the piece there.

You didn’t share it publicly

File / share / share with link / copy the link / click save / paste into email. You likely missed the save part.

You can also click on you image then select “Edit Points” then start deleting them one at a time. Click on a node as you delete it will move to the next one.


Okay, hopefully this works. What I want to do is eliminate the bottom edge from being cut. I don’t want the spindle to even travel along the bottom as I would like to clamp along the bottom.

Also, I tried deleting the nodes along the bottom, but it just kept connecting across.

Now that I see your project you can just cover the area with a box and set the depth to 0. Problem is it will still follow that path just not cut there it will ride above the clamps. The glue tape method may be a good option OR change your safety height in machine control so when it passes over the clamps it is high enough it wont hit them.

I always let the machine do the entire cut out, that’s just my preference.

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Thank you. Sorry for such a delay, but work has been hellish lately. Thank you for the advice. Will try it out.