How to remove a portion of a closed shape making it open

I have a shape that I would like to remove a portion of the outline, just leaving the section that has some curves.

Here’s the file:

My goal is to remove the left vertical line, the bottom horizontal line, and the right vertical line - leaving just the curves and the short straight lines in the upper half.

I have tried removing individual nodes, but easel keeps trying to maintain a closed shape. I’ve also tried covering the portion I want removed with a zero depth cut, combining the original shape and the zero depth shape, but easel still wants to maintain a closed shape.

Is it possible in Easel to turn a closed shape into an open shape?

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There are really possible 2 ways to get the results you want within Easel. (these are just the options within Easel but by using a 3rd party software there are better methods, like cutting the vector where desired and generating the open vector that way)

One works every time: The 0 depth masking placed over the unwanted areas. and left as separate pieces (not combining with the original shape) (Green Arrow Results)

The other method works Sometimes: use the Extract Subpath App (this one totally depends on where exactly the subpath places the opening of the vector, in this instance it placed it in a desirable location but it won’t always end up in the right spot with every design. (Yellow Arrow Results)

and both solutions depicted abovecreate the exact same toolpaths.

Thank you SethCNC, appreciate the help!

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