How to run EASEL on DIY CNC running GRBL

Hello everyone, I have been following the discussions here for some time. I am very interested in the ease of use of Easel for those who just need the basics for a CAM.

I’ve been playing around with using Easel on my OX CNC which uses GRBL 0.9i. I’ve had success without doing much other than going through the setup procedure and by going into the GRBL commands to adjust the specific settings for my OX. Specifically setting the max X-Y-Z limits and enabling soft limits.

I understand this isn’t something Inventables will support so I don’t expect much insight from the support folks. That being said is this something others have tried to do? Want to know how to do?

What has been your experience? I really think there is a market for this and I would pay a subscription fee for on-going ease of use.

Is this your question? Our experiences?
Personally, I think Easel is pretty awesome.
Great for new people to experiment with and get used to their machine.

Regarding your topic title: “How to run Easel on a GRBL based CNC?”
Since you appear be using it successfully, are you still asking for additional help?
Or wondering if other people may need YOUR help in getting it running?
If you have tips or suggestions on what to do to get it to work, simply post your information.
There is no need to ask to do so. Then when someone needs it, it will already be available.

I have it running however I’ve noticed it runs slow compared to how I run another job in Ultimategcodesender (UGS).

Are there any machine specific adjustments EASEL will make to my GRBL settings during machine setup that are specific to Xcarve or Shapeoko that one should be aware of?

I have a 500 x 750mm (X,Y) rails for the cnc. I have GRBL 0.9i running on the board and I have limit switches for homing.

The screw type is ACME. And using all NEMA23 for each axis.

I’m wondering if Easel will send configuration settings to GRBL that instruct the controller to behave specifically for Xcarve or Shapeoko since those are the two options during machine setup.

Any insight?

Please describe [quote=“RobertMitchell, post:3, topic:19260”]
it running however I’ve noticed it runs slow

It being your phyiscal machine?
The gantry moves from A to B slow?
A similar job takes longer to cut?
Sending the same g-code using Easel vs UGS?

For starters, if you are not using Easel for all your jobs then its apple to oranges comparison.
Easel will generate a different tool path, vs Fusion 360 or V-Carve, etc… Different toolpaths and different speeds may appear things to be “slow”. It probably just that Easel is conservative with feed and DOC.
So its really not accurate to say is “slow”.

Once your GRBL settings are configured, Easel will not change them (obviously unless you re-run Easel’s setup wizard).
So I believe something else is causing the “slow” you mentioned.

Easel is awesome, but its not magical. It simply generates G-Code from your drawing and sends it to GRBL. Just like UGS and other workflows.

Easel Setup writes to the following registers on Grbl 0.9:
$3, $22, $23, $102, $130, $131
The exact values depend on your selections through the setup program, and may also be Shapeoko 2- or X-Carve-specific. (The registers are described on the Grbl wiki page.)

Guys, thanks for your responses.

When I meant “slow” should have been more precise. The operations “cutting” movements are slower. I was wondering if during machine setup Easel adjusted any GRBL parameters that could have an impact on machine movement speed.

Based on the response from @rodovich only the $3, $22, $23, $102, $130, $131 parameters are changed.

$3=6 (dir port invert mask:00000110)
$22=0 (homing cycle, bool)
$23=1 (homing dir invert mask:00000001)
$102=314.961 (z, step/mm)
$130=225.000 (x max travel, mm)
$131=125.000 (y max travel, mm)

*note the above settings are not mine but grabbed them from GRBL wiki page for version 0.9.

Unless I’m misunderstanding something only the $102 parameter would impact movement speed.

So in conclusion the movements I’m seeing must be related to what Easel is sending over as instructions for cutting the material.

All good in my books… just wanted to know if Easel was sending any configuration parameters over to change how the controller > by extension “machine” behaved.

Why and what is the use case that could be driving my questioning?

I’m thinking of running two or more different CAM solutions based on the job I’m doing or whether I’m teaching someone how to use the machine (crawl, walk, run approach).


Are you using the same feed rates? In Easel, it’s settable under Cut Settings, just below the Carve button.

Is there a speed difference if you export the G-code from Easel (under Machine → Advanced) and run it through something else?

By the way, that’s only when you’re going through Easel doesn’t write to any registers when you’re going through the “Carve” walkthrough.

I’d like to know where do I begin to have Easel communicate with my Grbl controlled diy CNC machine. I have a small one I purchased from overseas that I’ve been having difficulties getting up and running due to my lack of knowledge in the product and g-code software. I’ve been paying close attention to Easel for the past few years, hoping to really save up enough to purchase a Carvey. In the Meantime I’d like to have Easel communicate with my DIY CNC machine. Where do I begin? I’ve downloaded the Easel Drivers, but it seems to only have Shapeoko and Carvey, and one other Machine available in its presets.

What grbl controller do you have and what version of grbl is on it?

GrblControl0.8. and I’m using a generic arduino for the controller
link to the specific machine I’m using here:

Based on the link you provided the system you have runs grbl 0.9j on the controller board. That’s the firmware.

GrblControl0.8 is a program to send G-code to the controller board. You don’t need this if you are going to run Easel.

The first thing to do is to read through the material at the following link. You are going to need to understand that material in order to set up your version of grbl to run on your machine with Easel.

Thank you. I’ll work through the literature and come back with any follow up questions if are any.

I also have a DIY CNC based on Arduino/GRBL-shield, main interface is Easel and it works just fine.
In Easel click “Set up your machine” under the Machine tab. Follow the instructions, it doesn’t really matter wether you choose Shapeoko or X-carve as type.
Use the setup to verify/correct x/y/z-travel.
Once that is established run the machine and adjust travel (steps / mm setting)

That is basically it :slight_smile:

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im trying set up ox with easel my first try ?

Uh, actually I think it’s a pronoun.

I’m thinking it is a date.


Thanks HaldorLonningdal,

I am currently connecting my DIY CNC to Easel, got it running and checked the x/y/z.

Can you take me through the steps of adjusting the travel (steps / mm setting). Is is in the Machine setting?

Thanks for the help

As far as software/controller goes you can now treat is as an Xcarve, so any adjustments/calibration methods suited for Xcarve will work for yours.

These might help:

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Hi I am completely new to all of this. I have been gifted (or cursed) a 3018pro cnc which has grbl 1.1 controller?. I have played around with easel but i need to configure it to connect to the machine. I obviously need plenty of help but in small steps. long strings of techno jargon for someone in their
70s would be intimidating at present .I just need the simplest of instruction till i get started. look on this as your quest to get me carving regards Colin the codger

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I have the 3018 as well, the company I bought it from has ArtCam licenses for the machine users but ArtCam was discontinued literally during shipping of my 3018! I would love to see other DIY CNC’s settings for Easel as well!!!