How to safe washboard from damage

how to protect washboard from cut marks when working with plywood that is slightly different thickness

You can set your cut depth higher but that would be absolutely pointless. The waste board is sacrificial and can be changed,.

Most of us put a sacrificial board under our project board to save the waste board, 1/4" MDF is typically what I use, I have two small blemishes on mine in 3yrs

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thank Steve that was the way I was thinking, great that you are using it and it works regards dick

Ideally the spoil board should be skim cut, to its uniform in height relative to Z. And use spoil board surface as Z-reference. Then varying thickness of the material to be carved dont matter.

Workflow, say you have a 1/2" thick ply:

  • Jog the bit down to the skim cut spoil board
  • Jog up 1/2" plus say 1/16" extra. Use this elevation as your Z-zero
  • Set total cut depth = 1/2" + 1/16"

If you want to keep the original spoil board pristine, add a 2nd layer of expendable spoil board and skin cut that.