How to salvage an inlay attempt?

So I just did exactly what you’re supposed to do; experiment with the final piece and not do a test… :expressionless:

I used the inlay generator with a .125 bit and .03 tolerance. I cut the male piece out, and the female piece just finished. Maybe .03 tolerance is too tight as they will not go together.

I’d assume the fix is to take the female part and make it slightly bigger. I know how I’d do this in Illustrator using an Offset Path, but what would be the Easel way to do it?

Do I do another inlay generator with a larger tolerance?

Do I change the female art piece from FILL to OUTLINE cutting and run the job? I feel like that would then give me .0625" tolerance, right? too much?

Well. It isn’t a solid fit, but I think it’ll be OK. I switched the female carve to an outline on path carve, and switched to a smaller .0472" bit.

Little bit of slop, but at least taught me to try Inlay Generator on a test piece first!

You can trick the machine by telling Easel the bit is a different size than it actually is.
Example if you need the pocket to be larger tell easel you are using a .123 bit ipo .125

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