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How to save something so I can keep adding to it yearly?

I run my family tipping contest and every year the winner will get added to a shield (trophy). So how can i save the shield so I can keep adding to it each year, so it only engraves the yearly winners name onto a plaque. How do I know where to position it?

You need a repeatable work zero position for this to work:

Make the design, insert the names and leave space for the following years.
Next year open same file, add a new text object for the new name and center align it, and with equal spacing (using the text object coordinates help here)
Now Duplicate this overall design/names into a new project, and delete all except the new name.

Carve :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info much appreciated. As I’m only new to this I kind of got what you were saying and I’ll give it a try. The more I play the more I will learn from my mistakes. Once again thanks.