How to section a model into horizontal slices?

I have a 3d model I want to cut but at (about) 38mm high, is too tall for my longest bits. If I can section the model into two (or more) slices, then I can cut it and glue back together.
I can’t see an easy way to do this in Sketchup (what I have available at the moment) but I have access to Fusion360 - which I think is probably the answer.
Model is in STL format.

if you have Meshcam it has that feature built in

Looking for a free option as it’s something I’ll likely need to do quite often.

In that case, the best free software for slicing a .stl is Netfabb basic (google it).

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Thanks, I have netfabb-basic, wasn’t aware it could do that. I’ve just used it to repair STL files.

Or Autodesk 123D Make - hadn’t heard of netfabb so thanks for the info - downloading it now.

123make doesn’t like my Windows 7 setup.
I’ll stick with netfabb-basic for now, I can run that on Linux. :grinning:

The cut finction in netfabb-basic is not working, looks like I need a newer version. 93MB download, estimated time, 2 hours!