How to set up a table full of carves?

I see Easel users on the tube setting up a whole table full of carves, wooden bottle openers for example.
I can clamp a board in place, cut out a part, then when that is done, can move the X & Y to zero’s to the center of the adjacent carve and reset Z height, but do not know how to automate that process.
Do the sequential projects have to be the same. or can I have, a round plate followed by a hexagonal bowl?

It’s more about having a calibrated CNC, knowing the location of the boards on the CNC and laying out the design accordingly. Since the entire carve project (multiple designs on one bed) are all setup at once, the designs can be whatever you want them to be, they need not be identical, so long as they fit on the workpieces correctly.

Hamilton is using CarveCo Maker as his software here instead of Easel, but the process is essentially the same… Hobby CNC Router Torture Test: 146 Bottle Openers - YouTube He just lays out the boards and the Carve setup to be identical to each other and that’s how all the stuff is aligned. Also using Double Sided tape instead of clamps ensures no clamps to crash into…

Thank you Seth,
So basically you just put item 2 beside item 1 in such a way that tool paths do not interfere and so item 2 fits on the workpiece.
Amazing how this brain refuses to see the obvious sometimes.
I just tested that you can copy an item from another project doing cut and paste and also you could use the replicator to place items. I guess the limit would be the size of the gcode file in the processor.
Again, thank you.

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and you’ll never get a 2.5D design like bottle openers to be larger than a 3d toolpath, so I wouldn’t worry about that with an arrayed design like this :wink:

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