How to setup and what to use for metal linotype

Newcomer here!

Constructed some type by hand and i’m interested in working with my printmaking professor to turn them into machined linotype for embossing. However I’m not sure which bit I should use, the smart way to set the file up (via easel), and probably some other stuff i’m unaware of still. I have a sample of a couple of the letters but if more are needed to give good feedback let me know.

The link below has the easel project at this point. Any pointers, suggestions, or links to other informative posts would be really appreciated!


it looks like it should be good to go now. Tried as a guest and had no issues viewing it.

Please take suitable precautions for the lead content if you’re using actual type metal.

What material were you looking at using? That will impact things a bit.

Getting into the sharp corners of the letters will be tricky. A round bit can’t cut a square hole. I would recommend a V bit for this. It will work well for the printing / embossing as it won’t matter that the edges of the letters will taper out towards the base.
I have VCarve pro and would do this as a “Prism Cut” You can download a demo and see what that is like. But there is good free v carving software out there that could probably handle this. (You should be able to search the board for more info)

Thanks for the response. Im planning on using aluminum but im not bound to that choice.

The bit shape makes alot of sense, hadnt co sidered that. Ill look around to see what i can find software wise to setup for v carving. Thanks for the advice!

Im completely avoiding anything lead based. Thank you though

A free option for V-carving is F-engrave