How to speed up homing when setting up machine with easel

I have been very happy with easel in general, but each time I start Easel it wants me to setup my machine, which is a 1000mm with Dewalt 611.
It gets to the x,y,z, homing portion and it moves sooooo slow I could brew a pot of coffee in the time it takes. The only work around has been to jog the each axis close before starting the homing. Can anyone give me instructions on either how to change the speed or bypass it all together.

This is not normal, probably a browser/chache issue.

GRBL Parameter:
$25 define the initial seek speed, value = mm/min - first tap at the homing switches
$24 define feed value (mm/min) - 2nd and final tap at the homing switches

Play with editing these two values, primarely $25 to speed up the homing sequence. Too fast of a rate may result in larger inaccuracy so $24 is best to keep relative slow.

Any time the the machine is started up from a power cycle homing is required.
So I always park mine near the home position before shutting down. G28 for me.
And I would not recommend altering the homing settings for fear of loosing the accuracy.