How to start from center stock material job with offline controller

Hello, using a 3018prover, I must used the offline controller for repetitive job (retouching an existing part).
Unfortunatly, the gcode exported from Easel didn’t save the ZERO XY (or absolute offset position from machine coordinate).
When doing repetitive job with stock material always in the same position, i need to be able to always launch the job with a starting position in the center of the stock material.
How can It be hard code?
It is impossible to positionne the spindle by hand at the exact same position for such repetitive job.
If anything goes wrong or if I have to change the bit, then I lost the spindle position.


For using the center as your datum you just need to move your design to be centered at 0,0 in easel… like @PhillipLunsford shows here

Lmk if I misunderstood what you’re asking about, but I think this covers it :man_shrugging:

Thanks, but what I’m looking for is a way to always jog my spindle into the center of my stock, using the offline controller.
Centering the spindle one time , and always used the same starting position, even after changing the stock material, or changing the bit, or shutting down the machine or making anither project in beetween with another starting point.

I’m not sure how you’d set it up to work with the offline controller, but if your cnc has home switches then you can assign a g28 function based off of the home position.

G28 G-Code: CNC Return to Reference [ Easy Tutorial & Guide ].

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