How to stop UGS at the end of a file?

Everytime i run a job in UGS at the of the gile it returns to the start point and just sits there. The timer on UGS reads zero but the job doesnt end. I have to hit cancel and then hit soft reset to get it to stop.

The gcode has the m30 command which i thought was end program. Do i need another command?

I have the same issue - I have to do a manually close then reopen the port to be able to jog the machine around.

The latest release of grbl 0.9i corrects the issue.

Just like @BillArnold said, I had the same issue…I put the latest version on and it fixed the issue.

Here modified post processors both mm and inch, have spindle stop on it.

Im on my phone so i cant open the post processor file to see if its the same one im using. Ive got the inventables file so as far as i know its the right one but its not shutting down ugs at the end. Is there domething besides M30 that needs to be there?

Bill is there a how to on updating to the new version somewhere?

Info about grbl can be found here. Click on the “Download zip” button and extract into a folder associated with Arduino IDE. Load to your Arduino UNO.

I see there is now a version bump to 0.9j, so I need to update as well.

My work-around has just been to hit pause, then unpause. Immediately after “unpause” it shows the “job completed” box, and all is good.

thats what I’ve been doing…

which 9j to use? the shapoko2 one or the generic?

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