How to take a word from a picture

I need to use these words as text, but I only have a photo and no idea what the font is.
It’s a logo so it should be the same. Any ideas how I can do that? I’ve tried image trace but it’s very messy. Thanks in advance.LastingJoyGreen

Here’s how you’d get the font from the web… it’s not exact though…

Here’s hoe you could image trace using Inkscape (Free), to get much better results than the image trace within easel…

Also this logo has a LOT better resolution and will image trace even better:

Here’s the SVG using the inkscape process from that video :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Lasting Joy SVG

Do you have rights to the logo?
Looks custom to me.

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It was designed by someone else for the business and I am making flights for them, but thanks for asking.

I did try what the font first, nothing matched. You’ve been very helpful, thanks for the time. I’ll do the image trace again using your tips. Much appreciated Seth!

If you scroll up to my 2nd post of the black and white photo… that is actually the SVG after converting, it should download when you click on it :+1:

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I asked because if they are paying you, you should be able to request the original artwork.
That’s what I’d do.

If not, make sure to pay Seth.


Give Font identification - forum | a shot. You might get lucky and someone might be able to identify the font for you.

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