How to tell Easel Pro where a round work piece is

How do you tell Easel Pro/X-carve where a round work piece is on the waste board? I have to change bits so I really can’t use the center of the circle because it will be carved out before I have to install the second bit.

I suggest using center and following one of the methods I suggested in the other video, for x,y you select “use last” and its good

Sorry Seth. Had a big brain fart. Forgot about the video. I’m down with a hell of a head cold, guess the meds are affecting what little brain power I have!! :smile: :hot_face:

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Seth, sorry for being such a PITA, but I cannot find that video. The only video I found was the one about locking the step motors. Which while watching it dawned on me that I can lock the motors when changing bits by clicking on the Lock icon that pops up. But back to me being a PITA. When you have time could you please resend that video. I promise to save it along with the other videos you posted for me. :flushed:

If you follow the video on locking the steppers via the $1=255 AND the dip switch change, than the steppers will hold stronger during the bit swap and you would NOT want to use those Lock/Unlock buttons…

Also if you lock the steppers, then the rest of the questions are no longer relevant, you would simply reprobe Z to the same place that the first bits z was set (this may mean youd need to set the first bits Z zero at a different place than you mighr normally) and for X,y toud select “use last”

Okay thank you Sir! What is wrong with the Lock/Unlock? No problem just curious.

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Theres just no reason to use them AND if you do click the “unlock” it sets $1 back to 0 and its best left at setting 255 instead

Cool. Thanks for that info. I got the switches turned to off and the $1=255 set. Did a test run and all worked well.
Thanks again for your help.

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