How to Uninstall UGS software

I am new to the cnc world but does all the USG software have problems? I downloaded the classic version and had it up and the machine running only to discover that I am missing files .So I call myself Uninstalling software. Which I think I did and then downloaded the platform version on to my computer only to find out it was missing my library files. Tried to go to default settings but it won’t let me .I need to know what to do now…FYI I have a 3018 pro cnc…Help

What files are you missing?

Both of the library files. I have a total of 18 files that downloaded but not the library files.

Sorry, I haven’t used UGS in a few years and I have no desire to install it.
Try CNCjs…you won’t look back.

Which one

Whichever one of the newest version matches your system.