How to use 2 bits in a single project

Hi, I’m new to Easel and CNC in general and while I’ve only had a few days with the machine so far, it’s been a lot of fun!

This is to ask the following: How do I use two different bits when carving one design? I tried selecting the additional bit button in Easel and I’ve followed the prompts and selected my desired secondary bit. HOWEVER, when I go to carve the design, the machine carves the entire design without stopping for a “tool change”.

Any recommendations or pointers for sorting this out? Thanks in advance for your advice!


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It should carve everything it can with the first bit then when it is done you should be able to select the second bit. Depending on what you are carving it may do almost everything with the first bit.

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At the beginning of the carve you selected the roughing bit. When the carve is complete you would need to click the carve button again and select the detail bit.

It is run as 2 seperare carves

I also suggest this modification to make bit swaps easier.

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Thank you! Makes sense now!

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