How to use aspire on my x carve

i know that aspire works on the x carve but, i can not get it to run. i have the x carve pp checked when i save tool paths. maybe some of you might can help me.

What problem are you having? If you have the X-Carve PP selected and save your toolpath with that post processor your should be able to import that gocde into Easel or use a gcode sender like UGS to send the gcode to your X-Carve.

What part of that is not working?

ok thank you yes i was trying to send to easel and thank you so much.

yes that is what i thought but i get file not found or not supported

How are you getting the saved file from Aspire to the computer you have connected to Easel/X-carve?

yes i have all set up just like i work in easal

So you are running Aspire on the same computer that is running Easel?

Then just pay attention to the file extension that is being placed on the file

and be sure you know what directory you are saving it to.

Easel should be able to load the file from what ever directory you saved it too.

I have the same problem. I am very new to this. I want to design in aspire but send to xcarve.

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Hi Eloise, you’d need the post processor for easel from inventables. Unfortunately there’s a “xcarve” post processor that’s preloaded in version 11 vetric programs that doesn’t actually work with easel.

In easel select the bottom button that looks like a door and arrow and then select gcode upload and you’ll find a tab for vetric. Download the post processor and follow the steps in there to access it in aspire.

Once the gcode is saved using the correct post processor, it can be uploaded with that same upload gcode section in easel and will work correctly.