How to use easel - for very basic beginners

Hi everybody
I have just joined the forum as I am hoping to purchase the x carve in the near future but I am worried about using the software. I am no tech head and pretty ordinary with computers. Everybody says it’s easy to pick up but I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of you tube tutorials for easel, or any other website which will teach me all the basic stuff. And it needs to be basic - I had to google what an svg was so that should give you some idea of where my knowledge base is when it comes to g code, or other software for cnc machines. By the way, awesome forum folks. Keep up the good work.

Hi @DavidClaxton,

Welcome to the forums!

As far as Easel, you can look at instructions for individual projects on the Projects part of the site. Some of these will help. Especially the ones listed under “Made with Easel”.

Also, without an X-Carve, you can still go to Easel and use it and tinker around. I would suggest clicking around, making some shapes, tinkering, and seeing what all happens. I think you’ll find that a lot of Easel is pretty intuitive and self explanatory.

Check it out here:
Best to use Chrome or Safari to access the site.

I bet there will be more in the way of video how-tos coming down the track. I know it is on Inventables’ radar.