How to use EASEL with a LinkSprite Mini CNC desktop engraver

Hello guys, I just purchased a LinkSprite mini CNC Desktop engraver, and heard about this web base app EASEL, and I was wondering if I can use it to control and carve with this desktop engraver.

If so, is there any tutorial I can see to make the appropriate set up?


Milton Espinoza

Well, I think I didn’t explain correctly, GRBL comes with the CNC, I have it and it controls the machine to engrave, but then my question should be How do I create the appropriate G-Code file from my own designs… I’ve seen many videos from this EASEL web app and it does everything, from design to engrave… but don’t know what to do to connect my CNC.

I think Easel only works with the Xcontroller.

Well, I did that and worked perfect! I’ve run a first and got this

Thanks for the advice!

Now, for who ever want to set up a machine like mine: Linksprite Desktop CNC, I’ve used the following settings:

Select X Carve machine

Select 500mm x 500mm that’s the smallest for x carve machines, even though linksprite is smaller it will work.

Select M8 rod
Select automatic Spindle control
Select 24v spindle
Select disable homing, since we don’t have homing switches
And finally try the settings using the onscreen controls to move the x,y,z axis.

And you should be fine.

Sorry, this explanation might not be a 100% accurate, I’m a newbie on this, but with some understanding in the field…


Well how about that!? Good to know…in case I build a 2nd machine. Thanks!

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I’ll be more than glad to help…

I just posted that I’m trying the same combination as you. I replaced the stock board with a genuine Arduino Uno, which means I’m manually running the spindle using a separate variable power supply. Otherwise, it’s the same as yours. What cut settings (feed rate, plunge rate, depth per pass) values do you use for MDF? What about any other materials you’ve tried?

Hi Rodney, well to me I’ve found that with the higher speed you’ll get a cleaner cut, the depth in each pass will on MDF I’ll go 1/16" since this a soft material, the step speed the slower the best. Then the settings use as I posted, that’s been working for me with no changes and flawless results on MDF, Corian, and Wood (oak specifically).

Good luck buddy, and please let me know how it goes for you

Easel works with most grbl based machines. Obviously, it is more integrated with the Arduino/gShield and X-controller.